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Hi, I'm Leslie

​I have always been aware and respectful of the healing power of the mind. As an ARCH Registered Hypnotherapist and an NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist, I work closely with my clients on a one-on-one basis to help them change unwanted behaviours or self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns.  

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Lost 26 lbs and still going strong!

​Hi Leslie, just to update you that to date I have lost 26 lbs and still going strong!!!!! I have not felt this good in years and am so very grateful for the Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis!!! I have never been this focused and am determined to release all the excess weight and never to have it return again. Thank you again so VERY much!!!!!


Caring, understanding and non-judgmental

Leslie is a remarkable hypnotherapist and reiki practitioner. She helped me to let go of many issues that were bothersome for quite a while. I used a combination of reiki and hypnotherapy.  For myself, reiki was extremely useful and helpful.

I would highly recommend Leslie as a therapist to help people get unstuck from unhealthy life patterns. She is very caring, understanding and non-judgmental. Leslie is very knowledgeable and brings insight into problematic issues. I am very grateful for her help and once again, highly recommend her and her expertise to anyone looking for a therapist.


Distance Reiki during Covid

Since the covid pandemic, Leslie has been giving distance reiki sessions and I can confirm that the results are the same as in person…I asked Leslie to help a friend who was in excruciating pain for days (I didn’t tell her what he was experiencing). She was able to not only pinpoint that he was suffering with a migraine but found symptoms of an illness he had years ago that he still has side effects from. When I called my friend right after that he told me his migraine was gone!

Once again, Leslie just amazed me by her ability to pinpoint people’s symptoms and to heal them with reiki energy. She’s a natural-born healer!

I cannot thank her enough for her kindness, compassion and her total dedication to heal people.


Reiki Healing Journey

Recently I realized something important about the value of reiki sessions with you: having sessions with a medium gave me info about myself and about my spiritual and healing journey and about what I needed to do and to focus on in order to heal, but it wasn’t until I started doing reiki with you that my journey actually took off – in quantum leaps and bounds! This nuance was a really interesting thing to realize.

I am lucky and blessed beyond what words can convey by your presence in my life, your skill and generosity, and your adoring devotion to spirit and commitment to living a life surrendered to spirit, as well as your phenomenal crystal collection and your love for and affinity to crystals (and crystals’ love for and affinity to you!!)


Presentation Anxiety

Leslie, I just want to say thank you so much for your help. Before going to you for Hypnosis therapy I was terrified to do a presentation for a business group. Even the thought of doing it had me almost crashing my car into a guard rail.

It is amazing not to suffer the fear anymore. A slight case of nerves and I don’t panic for days or even months before. Leslie, I am so grateful for your help you are wonderful. 🙂


Driving anxiety gone!

I went to Leslie for help with my severe anxiety and fear towards driving. After one hypnosis session I went from being too afraid to even drive around an empty parking lot, to confidently and comfortably driving myself to work every day. I highly recommend Leslie to anyone looking into hypnotherapy, she is such a lovely person and very skilled at what she does!”


Healing with Reiki

Reiki is an incredible healing experience.

I’m so grateful for Leslie and the healing care she has given to me during a time of anxiety, stress and feeling out of balance with oneself.  After several treatments, I was aware and felt the calming ways, more focused on my wellbeing and peace.

Leslie is a compassionate caring healer who works with the energy and crystals.  Her gentle ways of the laying on of hands and provides messages that are channeled to her.  Leslie provides knowledge in working with crystals and their healing power which empowers the clearing of the Chakras.  It has truly been an experience and positive journey.  I highly recommend this experience of healing.

Love & Light


I felt amazing after the session

Working with Leslie helped me find the appropriate support and tools to identify a problem and tackle it thoroughly and hopefully effectively! It’s a work in progress but with Leslie’s guidance and expertise, I am hopeful of the outcome I hope to achieve. I highly recommend Leslie if you’re looking to use hypnosis as a tool to solve a problem that exists in your life. She’s truly welcoming and wonderful to work with. I felt amazing after the session. Completely relaxed and ready to face the world! You’re in good hands with Leslie McGeagh. 🙂

Cindy Csordas

Guided Meditations

We all have everything we need within us to achieve anything we set our minds too; sometimes we just need a little help remembering that. My mission is to remind as many people as I can, one person at a time, that you are enough and that you can achieve anything through the power of your own subconscious mind!

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The Thought Box

Make yourself comfortable, clear your mind of the chatter and thoughts from your day, and enter a beautiful garden where you curl up in a softly swaying hammock and drift into a peaceful night's sleep.

Calming an Anxious Mind

Relax the body and relax the mind while you are gently guided into a deep state of relaxation, allowing you to clear your mind of any anxious or unwanted thoughts that are not serving your highest and greatest good.

Body Relaxation For Deep Sleep

Breathe, relax and let go into deep and restful sleep. Relax the muscles with a gentle body scan, then deepen your level of relaxation through tensing and releasing with a progressive muscle relaxation. Drift into a peaceful nights sleep and awaken in the morning feeling energized and ready to face your day.