Maintaining Relationships in Stressful Times

The COVID-19 pandemic is leading to big changes in the way we live our everyday lives.  Our relationships, which are hugely important to us, particularly during such stressful times, are being placed under intense pressure.

Relationships are not built on the expectation that we will be spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with that person or those people.  If both you and your partner, or the other members of the household are spending all day every day together, with nowhere to go in the evenings, there’s a chance you may experience some friction. 

Perhaps it’s happening already, and if so, it is important to know that this is perfectly normal given the increased stress we’re all under right now.  Just know that you are not alone in experiencing this.  It’s also important to understand that we could be in this predicament for some time to come, and it’s worth taking some steps to ensure we get through this period with our relationships intact.  We may even come out the other side stronger!

Here are a few strategies you could try implementing:

1.  Acknowledge & Appreciate Your Differences
Write a list of the positive differences between you. This can help you begin to appreciate each other again.

2.  Start Your Day with Gratitude
Write in a journal, or better yet, tell the person(s) something you are grateful for about them. Focusing on what is positive about them can help you see them in a more positive light again.

3.  Break the Tension
When irritations arise between you, or one is criticizing the other, break the tension by saying something silly. This can help break the other person’s focus on criticism and may even make them laugh. But, most importantly, it will break any tension.

4.  Cuddle Time
Find time in the day to cuddle with your partner, or your kids, with no further expectation than to snuggle up together.

5.  Allow for Dreams 
Encourage the other person to fulfil their dreams and ask them to allow you to achieve yours. When everyone feels free to chase their dreams, everyone will be happier.

6.  Discuss Rather Than Argue  
Turn irritating comments into humour – see the situation as a cartoon so that you can laugh at it. 

7.  Learn to Listen
Make a conscious effort to really listen to what the other person has to say.  Put your phone down and give them your full attention, and ask for the same from them. 

8.  Love What Is Real
Have realistic expectations of the other person and set them up for success.

Hypnotherapy for Relationships

If after implementing these strategies you still find yourself struggling, perhaps you could think about hypnotherapy for relationships.

How it works:
Hypnosis can be used to change thinking patterns, behaviours and outcomes. Relationship hypnosis deals with the relationship you have with your partner or other people in your life.

Relationship hypnosis can help you:
• Deal with negative emotions
• Have much improved communications with the people around you
• Recapture those feelings of love and romance
• Build strong relationships towards a brighter future 

You can shift the dynamics of your relationship, and to help you do so, I have recorded a complimentary hypnosis session on the subject.  Click here to access the video on YouTube.



Hi, I’m Leslie McGeagh, a Registered Hypnotherapist sharing tips to help you reconnect with your potential for success.

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