Water of the Sea

As a March baby, Aquamarine is not only my birthstone, it’s also one of my favourite gemstones. There is something about the beautiful pale blue-green colour of the stone that reminds me of the ocean and how at peace I feel when I’m there. It is no real surprise then that its name is derived from the Latin meaning “water of the sea”; “aqua” being Latin for water, and “mare” for sea.

According to legend, Aquamarine is a stone of the mermaids. It was used as a talisman to bring good luck and protection to sailors and is to this day, considered a stone of protection for travelers. It’s first recorded use dates back to the Greek Classical Period, between 500 and 300 BC, and it was valued as a stone of eternal youth due to it’s supposed anti-ageing properties.

Aquamarine is a crystal in the true sense of the word, in that it naturally forms hexagonal columns such as the one pictured below. These crystal formations can be as large as several meters in size, with the largest Aquamarine ever recorded weighing in at over 110kg! It sits at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (diamond is 10) making it ideal for use in jewelry.

Chakra Connection

Aquamarine is a stone of communication, stimulating the throat chakra and aiding in clearly and calmly communicating one’s truth. It is also a stone of courage because, let’s face it, speaking our truth often takes a lot of courage, especially during difficult situations.

It opens and activates the heart chakra, promoting unconditional love and compassion. By stimulating the flow of energy from the heart chakra to the throat chakra, this energy encourages one to connect with and to speak their deepest and most heartfelt truth.  

Metaphysical Properties

Aquamarine is not just prized for its physically beauty, it also has a range of healing properties and energies associated with it. It is often used to help with emotional balance, calming the mind and promoting inner peace. It gently brings one in touch with their inner self and their deepest emotions. Its soothing energy can help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as provide relief from insomnia.

Physical Healing Properties

I am often drawn to incorporate Aquamarine into a Reiki session, especially when the client is having sinus or respiratory issues. Aquamarine is often referred to as the breath stone for this very reason and can have a calming effect on coughs and chest infections. It also has cooling properties and can be beneficial in countering infections and soothing certain skin irritations such as eczema and hives. It is used to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Because of its connection with the element of water, Aquamarine works well on bodily fluids such as the blood.

Spiritual Properties

In addition to its physical healing properties, aquamarine is said to have many spiritual healing properties. It is believed to help with spiritual growth and awakening and is often used in mediation to help with clarity and focus. This gemstone is also said to bring a sense of joy and happiness to those who wear it or carry it on their person.

If you are interested in learning more about this beautiful crystal or would like to experience an energy or crystal healing session, you can book a free 15 minute discovery call, or just jump straight in and schedule a session by click here. If you are looking to purchase some Aquamarine, reach out and let me know and I can share my shop with you.


Hi, I’m Leslie McGeagh, a Registered Hypnotherapist sharing tips to help you reconnect with your potential for success.

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